CMT is Where Bitcoin Meets Amazon

The Annual Return of CMT Staking
Can Be Up To 20%
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Total Staked CMTs

251,681,555 CMTs

≈$13,691,477 USD

Total Staking Awards

52,695,832 CMTs

≈$2,866,653 USD

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Why CMTs?

CyberMiles (CMT) is world's No.1 blockchain platform for e-commerce. It is the next generation e-commerce platform that returns control and profits back to individuals. As the network token that powers all activities on the CyberMiles public blockchain, CMT is Bitcoin meets Amazon.

Like Bitcoin and Amazon stock in the past 10 years, CMT value could see explosive growth of 1000x in the next revolution of e-commerce. Hold CMTs now to be part of the future! Furthermore, holding CMTs could earn you an additional 20% annual ROI. Read more below.

Validators champion e-commerce powered by blockchain
CMT May Be The Best Choice For Staking

Though there are so many projects support staking

*Data from Coinmarketcap and StakeReward on 2nd July
Name Yearly staking yield Consensus Mechanism Market Cap Volume(24h)
1 CMT (CyberMiles) 20% DPoS $39,050,748 $17,650,638
2 Cosmos 10.6% PoS $1,037,631,942 $97,695,570
3 dash 6.52% PoW +Masternodes $1,390,259,126 $254,673,166
4 EOS 1.84% DPoS $5,428,951,880 $2,769,473,653
5 Tezos 7.05% LPoS $714,722,770 $8,364,171
6 IRIS Network 13.98% DPos $18,809,199 $5,900,316
7 IOST 14.69% PoB $149,081,254 $29,274,401
8 Qtum 2.51% Pos $490,195,114 $465,741,694
9 NEO 1.64% Pos $1,241,705,835 $680,758,289
10 Tron 4.28% DPoS $2,153,848,284 $837,834,441
11 Vechain 2.90% PoW +Masternodes $431,266,021 $67,379,914
12 Lisk 3.23% DPos $203,980,422 $8,641,847
CMT Price:

*Data from CoinMarketcap on 4th July, 2019

What is Staking Economy?

Staking is an economic incentive cryptocurrency projects provide for token holders to participate in community governance and security. Users stake (or lock) tokens to “vote” for representatives (eg super nodes) that govern the blockchain ecosystem.

In exchange, the users receive tokens as compensation for the stakes. Staking creates incentives for token holders to vote honestly and carefully for the best of the community.

How To Stake CMTs?

For now, 4195 CMT addresses and their 259,227,156 CMTs has been staked to 19 validators and 5 backup validators on the CyberMiles blockchain.

Join CMT Staking now with 4195 users!

01. You need a free mobile wallet app to stake your CMTs
Download the free CyberMiles App and create your own CMT address!

02. You can buy CMTs in peer to peer marketplace with CyberMiles App.

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Or get your CMTs on the following exchanges!

You need to own at least 1,000 CMTs.
For more information, you can visit the CyberMiles DPoS White Paper

How To Stake CMTs In
CyberMiles App
  1. Download the CyberMiles App and create your own CMT address

  2. Deposit CMTs to your CMT address

  3. Stake your CMTs to one Validator and receive your awards everyday

  4. Minimum staking amount is 1,000 CMTs.

CyberMiles (CMT) is world's No.1 blockchain platform for e-commerce.

The current market cap of Amzon is 954.63B, while CyberMiles' is $58,509,942 USD.

The future is very much worth looking forward to.

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